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Course Curriculum

Master Actionable Reporting

with our trusted step-by-step approach.
Module 1

Understand Actionable Reporting

Get to know the basics of data viz best practices, discover Zebra BI visuals and create your first report.

What you will learn?

Understanding the concepts of data viz, IBCS and Actionable Reporting 
Learning how to use state-of-the-art Zebra BI visuals 
Importing the visuals to Power BI and getting started 
Making your first simple yet actionable Zebra BI report
Building your first Zebra BI financial report 
Transforming bad Power BI reports into insightful ones 
Overview of the main features of Zebra BI visuals  
Module 2

Publish your first WOW report

Learn how to craft a jaw-dropping advanced report that will impress your managers.

What you will learn

Designing a dashboard based on the latest reporting best practices 
Designing an effective landing/overview page with game-changing features  
Creating insightful detail and trend report pages 
Adding report navigation 
Setting up a drill-through page 
Operating with the Top N + Others feature 
Making the best use of tooltips 
Applying the sorting feature 
Managing interactions with slicers & filters
Publishing to the Power BI Service and sharing with others 
Module 3

Get next-level reporting skills

Learn about the data modeling basics and advanced features which are particularly useful for financial reports.

What you will learn?

The power of data modeling 
Understanding key data modeling concepts and applying them to your reports 
The value of the calendar table and how to create it
Understanding measures and using them in your reports 
Solving the typical financial reporting problems 
Increasing report flexibility with different calculation elements 
Using formula calculations 
Creating custom calculated columns 
Using single-measure waterfall charts 
Comparing KPIs with scaled groups 
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Achieve technical mastery

Get to know the ins and outs of the technical aspect of reporting.

What you will learn?

Using Fields parameters
Leveraging disconnected tables & making use of the SWITCH function 
Working with bookmarks 
Creating time intelligence measures for MTD, YTD and PY 
Preparing a measure to calculate trends over short periods of time 
Building a fiscal year calendar 
Restructuring your data with the Unpivot Power query function 
Cleaning your data model with Merge & Append Power query functions 
Adding comments to the data model 
Incorporating the discussed features to redesign your reports 
For Enterprise Only

Transform your business

Empower teams to collaborate on state-of-the-art reports & drive company-wide adoption.

What you will learn?

How the Power BI Service works 
Facilitating the knowledge transfer to your end users 
Empowering report viewers to interact with actionable reports 
Creating and sharing personal bookmarks 
Increasing productivity through different collaboration types 
Adding insight and facilitating collaboration with integrated dynamic comments 
Incorporating company branding and keeping consistent settings throughout your reports 
Sharing the visuals across your organization

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Learn from top BI professionals

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Actionable Reporting trends and insights from our team of experts at the Zebra BI Academy.
Andrej Lapajne
Founder & CEO
About Andrej
25 years of experience in business intelligence and software development and 20 years in consultation.  Helping numerous international and regional companies achieve consistent and efficient internal reporting throughout the organization inspired him to build Zebra BI.
Tine Ozimic
Head of Customer Empowerment
About Tine
An experienced Business Intelligence Specialist and Business Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in data analytics. Skilled in data visualization and modeling, as well as business processes, he is also the Head of the Customer Empowerment team at Zebra BI.
Lili Alesnik
BI Specialist
About Lili
An experienced BI specialist with a demonstrated history of working with Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, and SAP CRM in the telecommunications industry. She is a valuable member of the customer empowerment team working closely with Zebra BI clients and the content marketing team.
Mark Leskovsek
BI Specialist
About Mark
An experienced BI Intelligence Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is skilled in Data Visualization, IBCS implementation, Customer Service, Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI, Excel, and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). With many years of experience, he is also a vital member of Zebra BI's customer empowerment team.
Matej Gregorcic
BI Specialist
About Matej
An experienced Business Intelligence Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Business Process, Business Intelligence, Analytical Skills, and Sales he is also the one in charge of Zebra BI's customer support communication.
Rastko Veris
BI Specialist
About Rastko
A skilled BI specialist with a strong focus on Microsoft Excel. He has a strong history of working with change-driven businesses in the field of data visualization and reporting optimization.
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